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North Shore Plumbing Group's Journey

Scott and Mark decided to team up and build a new plumbing brand which is how North Shore Plumbing Group began. With over 20 years experience they are focused on quality, support and growing a team that will pass on the values of their company. They look forward to being there for their existing clients and meeting new builders along the way.

Mark first began plumbing in 1996 and went on to establish his own business in 2005. Throughout his career he has gained a wide range of experience by working in vastly different areas of plumbing. From residential, to industrial and commercial, Mark has done it all and prides himself on being reliable, efficient and always delivering the highest standard of work.


Scott first met Mark when he started working for him and his company in 2012. At the time Scott was finishing off his apprenticeship and really enjoyed working in and around the Northern Beaches – he used the time wisely, gaining invaluable experience so he could go on to start his own company.


When Scott left to start his own business he made sure he always kept in touch with Mark because they both specialised in the same work – high end, luxury builds and renovations. They enjoyed helping each other out and running their businesses but simultaneously discovered that it was becoming very difficult to grow, change, expand and move forward.

Mark and Scott began to discuss what was actually missing from their companies and quickly realised that it was a like-minded partner who they could bounce ideas off and offer solid and ongoing support. The support to manage clients, the support to manage employees and the support to deal with accounts, quoting, marketing and sales.


They knew that with the support from one another they could not only continue offering great quality and outstanding service but they could also build a team that would carry on their company values.


North Shore Plumbing Group is now off the ground and it has exceeded Mark and Scott’s expectations. They have realised that they can now offer more than they ever thought possible and they are excited to continually build and expand on a solid and successful company – one that they can both be extraordinarily proud of.

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