Here at NSPG our staff are a top priority, as is their education. We value high quality work and always embrace new challenges.

Mark Kusely

Business Operations Director

As a child, I spent a lot of time in the school holidays going to work with my Dad. He ran his own plumbing business and I always enjoyed it and loved to keep busy. It was then I decided I would one day join the family business.

The thing I like most about plumbing is that our jobs are located throughout different areas in Sydney, so every day the work and environment changes.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and I enjoy being active. I love to run, swim, ride, hike and surf and I also love watching the Sea Eagles play in the NRL.

I have a positive, can-do attitude on the work site and an excellent work ethic. I really enjoy watching the jobs come together from the ground up and I love the finish-off phase - it's the icing on the cake for me.

Scott Johnson

Business Development Director

I fell into plumbing when I was 20. I had tried plenty of other jobs in different industries and nothing fit. My dad said he knew a guy that owed him a favour and that’s how it started.

What I love about plumbing is the opportunities it gives you as you grow in the industry. Being surrounded by people that support one another and building a good working culture has always been my priority. I am very thankful to be part of the North Shore Plumbing Group team.

I used to play soccer but recently I have got addicted to running. I just completed my second marathon this year (2019). Maybe another one on the cards next year.

My skill would be riding a unicycle and juggling. I love a challenge and I can’t stop until I achieve what I set out to do.

Will Suttor

Qualified Plumber

I started labouring for a plumber part time whilst studying at uni and took to it like a duck to water. I enjoyed the work so much I decided to change career paths and start my apprenticeship in 2016 in my hometown of Rylstone, 300kms North West of Sydney.

My favourite thing about plumbing would be meeting new people and working with other trades to achieve a collective outcome. I also enjoy the problem solving aspect of plumbing and being challenged.

I enjoy playing sport, especially cricket and rugby. I also like to get home to my family’s farm some weekends to help out.

I’m an approachable bloke with a great attention to detail and pride myself on delivering quality work.

Chris Allen


I got into plumbing because I was keen to learn a specialised skill in the trade industry and build a successful career out of something I enjoy.

The thing I like most about plumbing is looking back at my work knowing I have completed a job well and putting together a project the client is happy with.

I am a very keen golfer and I play in weekly competitions.

I feel like I take pride in my work as well as what I have achieved in my life.

Hayden Dickie


I started plumbing as a kid working on my Dad's job sites labouring for $5/hr during the holidays. I was always interested in plumbing and what goes in behind the walls, under the ground and what makes water come out of the tap.

I like drainage the most, running a nice and neat new sewer or stormwater line with the perfect dug trench alongside it.

I enjoy hanging out with my mates on the weekends, camping, going on adventures or road trips and I love my car's.

I think my best skill as a plumber would be in drainage.

Pete Kusely


I got into plumbing because my Grandfather was a plumber and my Uncle is still a plumber and they have always enjoyed working in that industry.

The thing I like the most about plumbing is that I can look back and physically see the work that I have done and I greatly appreciate a well executed job.

I love basketball and Rugby League outside of plumbing.

I love meeting new people and I feel like I have the ability to talk to anyone - I also really enjoy communicating clearly and effectively.