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Here at NSPG our staff are a top priority, as is their education. We value high quality work and always embrace new challenges.

Mark Kusely


As a child, I spent a lot of time in the school holidays going to work with my Dad. He ran his own plumbing business and I always enjoyed it and loved to keep busy. It was then I decided I would one day join the family business.

The thing I like most about plumbing is that our jobs are located throughout different areas in Sydney, so every day the work and environment changes.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and I enjoy being active. I love to run, swim, ride, hike and surf and I also love watching the Sea Eagles play in the NRL.

I have a positive, can-do attitude on the work site and an excellent work ethic. I really enjoy watching the jobs come together from the ground up and I love the finish-off phase - it's the icing on the cake for me.

Scott Johnson


I fell into plumbing when I was 20. I had tried plenty of other jobs in different industries and nothing fit. My dad said he knew a guy that owed him a favour and that’s how it started.

What I love about plumbing is the opportunities it gives you as you grow in the industry. Being surrounded by people that support one another and building a good working culture has always been my priority. I am very thankful to be part of the North Shore Plumbing Group team.

I used to play soccer but recently I have got addicted to running. I completed my second marathon in 2019. Maybe another one on the cards next year?

My skill would be riding a unicycle and juggling. I love a challenge and I can’t stop until I achieve what I set out to do.

Simon W

Business Administration Manager

After school I completed a management degree specialising in tourism before spending several years in various marketing roles in the tourism sector. I quickly realised I enjoyed all things business and after assisting North Shore Plumbing Group with some work I found that my values aligned closely with that of the business. Having the opportunity to work with the team full-time is something I relish.

What I enjoy most about my role is the variety of work. I find it extremely rewarding to come up with creative solutions to a range of business concerns.

Outside of work I enjoy playing soccer and spending time with my family and friends.

I believe there are no limitations to personal and organisational growth if we are willing to adapt and learn.

Dan E

Lead Plumber

I am the son of a carpenter/builder and I have been on the tools since I was 4-5 years old (as soon as I could pass tools). I always wanted to get into a trade and I did work experience in many trades whilst at school. Plumbing had a lot of the problem solving mixed with craftsmanship skills which excited me and I knew this was what I needed to do.

What I like most is the variety of work and the opportunity to push yourself to feel you have achieved and created something that you are proud of, whether the average person sees it or not.

Family will always be my go to. Time with the kids at the beach, fishing and camping. I can’t say I’m a homebody, life is for getting out and enjoying.

I don't compromise on work or my home life. It's all about balance.

Lucas F

Lead Plumber

My introduction to plumbing was while I was attending Uni. During a storm my parent's house began flooding and they had left for a vacation. After realising they weren't going to answer the phone and not having the cash to pay for an emergency plumber myself I decided to borrow a pump from a friend and get to work. Once the flood waters had calmed down a plumber arrived to repair the collapsed section of pipe. After seeing the work I had put in he decided to hire me on the spot and I've been plumbing ever since.

Solving puzzles in a hands-on way has always been a strength of mine and the satisfaction of working out the most efficient way to complete a task or delving into the technical details to find a solution is the best part of plumbing for me.

Besides work woodworking, hiking, fishing, and taking trips wherever I can keep me busy. I am always finding new adventures and hobbies.

In my work diligence with the details and a calm attitude seem to have helped me immensely, the mentality to always keep learning and perfecting allows me to keeping loving what I do.

Luke P


I got into plumbing when I was 16 when I decided I wanted a steady income and a purpose. I applied for a few jobs online and was lucky enough to land one and haven't looked back since.

The thing I like most about plumbing is the variety of locations and working outside. It's also incredibly satisfying to see a project come together after weeks of work.

Outside of work I enjoy being in nature, going for hikes and exploring new places. I also like live sports and music.

I would say my best trait is a drive to always learn and constantly improve.

Joel S


I'm a physical and hands on learner so I’ve always known I wasn’t going to sit behind a desk all day. After speaking with my uncle (who’s a plumbing inspector) I decided I wanted to be a plumbing. He helped get me a job right out of school.

I think the best part about plumbing is the last few days of a job when everything gets tidied up and you are able to see the fruits of your labour.

Outside of work I like to go on camping trips with my friends and family and when snow season is on I try to spend as many weekends as I can on the slopes.

I like to think I'm open minded and always eager to learn. In plumbing there are always multiple ways to do things and I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues to come up with the best possible solutions.

Jack D


I got into Plumbing after my brother-in-law took me under his wing as an "apprentice'' for high school work experience. From that point forward I fell in love with plumbing.

I feel as if the best part of plumbing is the problem solving and the process,from receiving the plans on paper through to something physical that needs to be relied on for years to come.

Outside of work my life consists of three main hobbies - the first would have to be mountain biking. I have ridden bikes all my life and used to race in the state series. I am also involved in the car community of Sydney. This involves taking my car to shows and competing at Sydney Motorsport Park. My last main hobby is boating. When I was a younger my uncle gave me his old fishing tinny. I have recently cut it up and re-welded the whole thing, accommodating a 'roll cage' and a larger motor. It is a real adrenaline rush every time I take it out.

I have a few special skills - before starting my plumbing apprenticeship I built "freak bikes" . This is constructing bikes by welding different objects together. For this I have completed a welding certificate through Tafe and my Dad and I invested in some welding machinery.

Tadhg B


From a young age I always knew I was going to be in the trade industry. I spent the majority of my school holidays working for my dad who is a bricklayer. By the time I was finishing school I was tossing up between a couple of different trades but I remember looking at plumbing and thinking that it would be a good fit for me so I jumped at it!

I love the change of locations and the different scenery almost every day. Even as a kid I always loved being hands on, being on the tools and learning about the trade industry. I also enjoy problem solving and plumbing is a good mix of all of these things.

I enjoy socialising with friends and getting out of the house. Snowboarding, surfing and skating have been a hobbies of mine for quite some time now, in particular I love the cold and the scenery of snowboarding. Everything about it is blissful. I also love playing instruments and learning about different kinds of mechanics.

I would say my best trait is being keen to learn.

Preston H


I have always wanted to do something hands on and physical. I decided to go with plumbing because I felt it best suited me and is a good steady career choice.

I like the variety in plumbing. The different types of work and working in a range of places too.

Outside of work I enjoy going to the gym, going out on the boat in summer and hanging out with my mates.

I like to think I am hardworking and good at problem solving.

Ben C


I started a Psychology degree at Macquarie university after completing my HSC in 2021, and quickly realised that I needed more variety and didn't want to be stuck behind a desk. I had done some plumbing work experience with a family friend in school holidays from time to time and had enjoyed that, so when I decided the psychology degree wasn’t for me, I decided to give a plumbing apprenticeship a go.

I like working within a team and like the variety that plumbing provides, both in terms of tasks and locations as well as meeting lots of different people.

I love all sport and being outdoors, in particular I love rugby. I played a lot of club and school rugby right through primary and high school, but due to injury I no longer play. I play club soccer with a few high school mates every Saturday and really enjoy that.

I think my best trait is my people skills, I enjoy working in a team and meeting new people both via work and socially.

Jack H


I got into plumbing because I knew I wanted to do a trade. I tried many different trades, but once I tried plumbing I realised it was my favourite. That's how I decided that plumbing was the one for me.

I enjoy that there are many different aspects to plumbing, but at the moment my favourite thing is doing drainage.

Outside of work I like going to the gym and enjoy kickboxing.

I'm hardworking and I like to think that I can excavate a solid trench.

Oliver D


I started plumbing because throughout school I didn't want to sit down and concentrate for 8 hours at a desk. So I knew that a trade like plumbing would be perfect for me as it would keep me active and enhance my problem solving skills.

I like plumbing because it sometimes looks simple from the outside but it is actually really complex. From all the different angled fittings that must be connected to a pipe to allow it to fit, to the grade that must be applied to allow the water to have fall.

Outside of work I like the gym, camping and hanging out with my friends and family.

I feel like the trait I like best about myself is my ability to make people laugh as I enjoy making other people happy.

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