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What is the difference between a high-end finish and high-end look?

By December 17, 2021No Comments

We work with builders by completing the plumbing installations on their high-end projects. The architects and designers put together a schedule of finishes that gives the home that feeling of luxury – but what makes the finishes so perfect?

In the construction industry it is common theme to see people asking for a high-end finish but then going for the cheapest ticket items. We find this trap starts from the client and then flows down to the architects, builders and sub-contractors.

When your home is completed you want everything to look great. What you also want is for everything to be effortless, accessible and to still function the same way in 10+ years. This is the difference between high-end look and high-end finishes.

The high-end look is a finish that might look alright at first, but will give you problems from the first day you move in. Expect stiff drawers, low pressure taps and chasing warranties on cheap products.

Done correctly, high-end finishes give you that great look, great functionality and reliability. They also provide a level of comfort and operate seamlessly when moving around your home. In plumbing this can include access to instant hot water, feeling the warmth of a gas fire place, having access to chilled water, integrated dishwashers and fridges, living it up in the free standing bath or making a selection from the outlets in your shower. You also get the water pressure you deserve from tapware that has been built to last.

If you’re after luxury but chase cheap then you can expect issues. If you are after comfort and luxury that lasts then make sure you chase the reputable name for the service and the product.

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