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Flow restrictors

By February 16, 2022No Comments

“Those damn flow restrictors”

We work on new homes and renovations assisting builders with the installation of plumbing work on their projects. Before we start any work the client usually decides on taps for their home. It’s important that the selected taps have a watermark which allows them to be installed in Australia. The watermark means that the product has been tested and meets strict guidelines which allows for safe drinking water and water usage. As part of this, all taps are now fitted with a flow restrictor to reduce the volume of water wasted when the tap is on.

The flow restrictor was introduced due to water restrictions and low dam levels. It was also implemented to lower household water usage so that, as our population grows, the water usage is controlled. We have to monitor and control how much water we use and the flow restrictors were a good idea because it allows us to subconsciously save water every day.

That being said the most common question when work is completed is “can you remove the flow restrictors?”. We all like being soaked in the shower and want high pressure when washing up in the kitchen, however new tap designs won’t always allow for that, so we have to get used to it and realise the reasons for it.

Please remember that flow restrictors can be removed but it is illegal to remove them, so especially as licensed plumbers we aren’t allowed to touch the restrictors. It is important to note that it is all of our responsibility to make sure that we look after our water and make it last.

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