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Media Release: North Shore Plumbing Group welcomes Winnie the Winnebago to the team

By May 3, 2021May 24th, 2021No Comments

North Shore Plumbing Group, as the name may suggest, is a plumbing business based on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches. However they are far from your everyday plumbing business. They want to change people’s perceptions of tradies and prove that the trade industry is filled with opportunities and is led by professionals. To do this they’ve participated in a number of initiatives such as rural community projects and using a ‘Golden Hammer’ to recognise their staff’s hard work. But their most recent addition to the team is the most surprising so far…

“We want to be leaders in our industry and to achieve this we need to be innovative and often think outside the box. Whether it be new plumbing technology, implementing new marketing initiatives, new customer relationship systems or buying a Winnebago!” said Scott Johnson, Business Development Director, North Shore Plumbing Group.

That’s right. North Shore Plumbing Group have just added ‘Winnie’ the Winnebago to their fleet. The 2020 Winnebago Burleigh has a kitchen with 4 gas burners, bathroom, external shower, a living area and enough room to sleep 6.

So what will it be used for? Throughout the week Scott and his business partner Mark use the Winnebago as a portable office for when they’re not on the tools. “Being portable is a massive bonus,” Scott explained. “It allows us to work near our warehouse, move on-site if needed or we can even park up somewhere with a nice view for the day.”

The team has also participated in community projects in the past and has a desire to engage in similar initiatives again in the future. “The Winnebago will definitely help us with community projects. We now have the ability to pack up our own office, kitchen and sleeping quarters and head off to locations around Australia. There are so many areas that need support and we look forward to reaching out and lending a hand to those spots that need it most.”

Where possible Winnie will also join the team at school career days, where they plan to educate and raise awareness for starting an apprenticeship in the construction industry. Scott believes apprenticeships have a huge place in career development and he wants schools to start including apprenticeships when supporting students on making a decision on their future.

Finally, what’s a Winnebago if you can’t take it camping? North Shore Plumbing Group employees will be pleased to know that Winnie will be made available to staff as a performance incentive. So you might begin to see a few of North Shore Plumbing Group’s hardest workers sitting back and relaxing with Winnie at a campsite near you.

Winnie has been wrapped in the company’s colours and logo, so be sure to keep an eye out and if you happen to see her drive past, be sure to wave!


For addition information, please contact:
Scott Johnson
Business Development Director
1300 072 019
[email protected]

Instagram: @northshoreplumbinggroup

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