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Making a pipe dream reality – 2022 in review

By December 19, 2022No Comments

2022 was another eventful year for the North Shore Plumbing Group team. We are extremely grateful for the work our staff, clients, suppliers and partners have put in to get us ready to sign off for another year. We have plenty to reflect on, both positive and negative, and we want to use these lessons to continue to improve and excel in the plumbing industry.

Firstly we would like to celebrate with a beer. North Shore Plumbing Group has collaborated with MBarnett Designs and Ekim Brewing Co to create a beer that we can all remember. We have taken plenty of hits this year but we continue to fight to stand out and deliver quality work – something we think a lot of trades businesses can resonate with. That’s why we created the ‘Pipe Dream Lager’, a beer “designed for all the hard workers making pipe dreams a reality”. It’s important to take time to celebrate the individual and collective successes in the business, and to reward each other for persevering even when things are tough. So sit back, take a sip and congratulate yourself on getting through 2022!

What’s next? Our vision hasn’t changed and we still want to alter any negative perceptions around the plumbing industry and make it a more attractive career option for the next generation. We would also like to give experienced plumbers more choice and growth opportunities, outside of starting a sole trader business which is extremely competitive, time consuming and expensive. We want people to have multiple pathways to success in the industry. And last but definitely not least, our priorities always remain to be quality and support. We want to offer quality and support to our clients on their projects, as well as offer quality and support to our team so that we can all enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.

How will this happen? Patience is the word that continues to be whispered in my ear. While North Shore Plumbing Group have seen huge advances in building materials, construction processes and job management systems over the past few years, we haven’t seen as much change in regards to our day to day management of the team and how they deliver work on the ground. We have now identified a need to create more opportunities for training. Further training will allow employees to grow in positions and give the team a taste of all the opportunities available.

I look forward to seeing where the industry goes and we are excited to be part of the change. It’s time to enjoy this beer and look forward to a successful 2023!

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