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The Apprentice Tool Incentive Scheme

By April 14, 2023No Comments

In order to assist apprentices with tool accessibility and affordability, North Shore Plumbing Group has implemented an Apprentice Tool Incentive Scheme. The scheme sets an expectation for our apprentices and holds them accountable for their tools and development.

We’re supporting our apprentices so that they can become more involved on our jobs, build up their skillsets and take on more responsibility. We want to support our apprentices throughout their apprenticeship so that by that time they finish they are more than capable to take on bigger projects with confidence.

So how does the Apprentice Tool Incentive Scheme work? All first year apprentices are required to acquire all the necessary hand tools (as per the a list we provide them) before they finish their first month. This proves that they are taking the initiative to invest in their career and therefore activates the incentive scheme. As part of the scheme they will be provided with a growing list of tools as the apprenticeship progresses. At the successful conclusion of their apprenticeship these tools will officially become theirs to keep.

We believe that with our support apprentices can learn more, complete more work and to a higher standard. The aim is for them to develop so they get the most out of their apprenticeship and add value to the company.

Our goal is to offer training and support in the hope that after their apprenticeship finishes they can stay on with us and be part of that next generation of qualified plumbers.

We want our apprentices to understand that there is a lot of opportunity in the plumbing industry and they need to be ready to take a chance when the time comes. We expect them to put in the work as an apprentice and we look forward to seeing a new generation of skilled plumbers come through.

We are more than happy to encourage apprentices to get the most out of their time because the plumbing industry desperately needs more skilled plumbers to deliver quality work.

If you want to learn more don’t hesitate to contact us via email on [email protected] or call us on 1300 07 2019.

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