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Apprentice training and accountability (T.A.P)

By June 16, 2021No Comments

North Shore Plumbing Group is passionate about our projects and we believe that the skills which the team have picked up over years of training can add value to our business, their lives and the community.

Scott, Business Development Director, continues to look for ways to share his story and he wants to excite the new generation of potential tradies to take on the challenge of starting a plumbing apprentice.

When Scott was younger and completing his apprenticeship he would write up a day by day account of his experience as an apprentice in his blog The Apprentice Plumber (T.A.P).

Scott has continued to stand strong on his plumbing practices and reflects on a post about a renovation he was completing which was submitted 10 years ago. In the post he explains how important it is to be organised to encourage a more efficient workflow. His job management process hasn’t changed much which shows how effective it is to get the little things right.

At the start of each day the other apprentice and I ask what we are doing so we can get out the tools and materials that we will be needing while the subcontractor sets up the job. We set up in one location because it is important to keep all your things together, especially on the big sites. This basic skill promotes a clean and safe workplace as well.

Our next step was to set up leads, lights and tools that we needed for the work space on the job. This is to make sure you have everything ready so you aren’t chasing your tail trying to get work done. It’s important to keep your worksite clean and organised. It improves productivity and safety.

This excerpt shows how being organised not only promotes efficiency, but it is a skill which is relevant at any stage in your career.

Scott is developing a training program to measure the training progress of the apprentices that join the group. He continues to encourage the team to be better which is why he looks for solutions to make the transition from a student to a professional a more manageable experience.

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