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4 questions to ask your plumber when receiving a quote for an upcoming project

By July 20, 2021July 22nd, 2021No Comments

North Shore Plumbing Group prides itself on turning quotes around quickly (1-5 business days) so that we can allow ourselves enough time to communicate with the builder on all the inclusions and exclusions of the project. We also want to know more about the job to make sure we don’t miss anything and we especially don’t want the builder to leave anything out.

We want the client to understand what to expect from the beginning. One important aspect of the project is to reduce the amount of variations on the job. The last thing we want is a miscommunication damaging a relationship when the project reaches hand over. When we complete a job we want to deliver high quality work. We want to look back at the project and be proud that we helped build something beautiful. A bonus for our group is being able to develop great relationships with owners and other teams of professional tradies along the way.

We know that when comparing quotes each plumbing company has developed their own system and the numbers you receive from each business don’t always match. Good builders will make sure that they compare apples with apples and will look into the finer details of the scope of works. To help you with your next plumbing quote, we have come up with a couple of questions worth asking your trade so you are more comfortable with making a decision.

1. Have you allowed for excavation?

Most tradies don’t include excavation because most of the time it is an unknown number. If a price is put on the shovel then you are putting a number in the owners mind that they hope to settle on. We all know once the shovel hits rock, concrete or any other foreign objects the price will blow out and that’s when the anxiety starts with the owner. An estimate based on a professional opinion is best.

2. What external work is included?

Taps, pool overflows, outdoor showers and gas pool heaters are some of the items that are missed during quotes. Make sure you includes the full scope by looking at all fixtures and fittings on the project.

3. We need to meet the client’s budget. If we can help each other at this stage are we able to reduce the cost?

There are a few costs that can be shared across trades during the project. Excavation, road opening fees, wall chasing, concreting cutting, jack hammering and core drills are a few examples of the jobs that, if managed correctly, can be covered at the same time. This can help reduce costs.

4. Have you allowed the supply of hot water heaters, rainwater tanks, grates and channel drains?

Custom made drains, pits, tanks and grates can sometimes be included by both builder and plumbing trades. Make sure you know who allowed what and settle on a price to make sure your tender isn’t affect by double charging the customer.

When you are looking through quotes there will be a number of line items that are included by multiple trades. If you can identify which trades have included the same work then discuss the procedure with your team. If you can put together a group of professionals that will help each other complete the different stages of work then you can avoid double handling and double paying.

At the end of the day everyone needs a little win to make the project a success. We want to deliver a project that makes the home owner happy, but equally we would like the builder and all the trades to get the most out of the project.

If you have a project you’d like us to quote, then don’t hesitate to phone us on 1300 07 2019, email us on [email protected] or via contact us via our website here.

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