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Becoming a Tradie

By April 18, 2022April 29th, 2022No Comments

​​What is a tradie? In Australia a ‘Tradie’ or trades person is a manual worker undertaking a skilled trade. They are considered qualified professionals who have both practical and theoretical knowledge in a specific area.

It is, in general, a physically demanding career but one with plenty of benefits!

Gaining experience
To become qualified in a trade you will need to complete some level of education, generally a certificate from TAFE. This combines classroom-based theory at TAFE with on-the-job learning. Applying theoretical lessons with practical experience consolidates your knowledge and gets you ready for a range of different scenarios!

Earn while you learn
One of the initial benefits of completing a trade is that you earn while you learn. Rather than paying large sums of money for your education, an apprenticeship allows you to be paid whilst you complete your qualification!

We’ve mentioned it before, but one of the main attractions about a career in the trade industry is the lifestyle – physical, outdoor work with an early start and early finish!

Job Security
Providing a range of essential services, tradies are naturally in-demand. This makes a trade a valuable career choice. Working in a sought after career not only provides job security but also provides tradies with plenty of career opportunities.

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