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Commercial tapware: Why it’s important for restaurants and bars

By July 16, 2022No Comments

We have serviced many restaurants and bars and the main issue we come across is tapware that has been installed that isn’t commercial quality.

We know that chefs, bar workers, other kitchen staff and cleaners are all constantly using taps hundreds of times a day, however too often businesses have installed tapware designed for residential homes. Because these taps are used much more than in a residential home, we find that a commercial quality product would be a wiser investment.

These commercial taps are made for busy kitchens and are designed to be abused. They’re created to withstand the test of the industry and generally have a much longer life. The taps are usually more expensive to start with, but when you take into account servicing and replacement costs then it definitely pays to install something that is suited specifically for your use.

There’s a huge range of tapware that you can select to suit your needs. With pot fillers, dish sprayers, regular hot cold taps, sensor taps, hand washing taps, knee operating taps and more, all designed to make it easy for your staff. These fixtures increase efficiency and add value to your business and work.

So when you’re setting up a a commercial kitchen, pick commercial tapware! You won’t regret your choice and you will begin to notice how much more reliable and durable your taps are.

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