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Celebrating 3 years in business

By June 20, 2022June 22nd, 2022No Comments

North Shore Plumbing Group is proud to have completed 3 years in business!

The past few years have been challenging but also extremely rewarding. We have continued to adapt and drive our business forward with the aim of raising the standard in the plumbing industry.

Our vision is to build a team of motivated professionals where the focus is not only on excelling in our careers but also allowing us all to achieve our personal goals.

Over the past 3 years we have grown to over double in size. We are seeing lots of success from implementing new positions for our staff as well as from bringing in new members to the group. This is exciting because we value our team and we won’t be able to raise the standard in the industry without their support.

We see the opportunities for our business as endless and we continue to take steps to keep in front of our competition. We believe in innovation and aren’t afraid to learn new things to ensure we are delivering comfort and luxury to our clients.

Most importantly we look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the next 3 years and we would like you to follow our story.

We are eager to continue our growth and adding value to people’s lives around Australia.

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