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Gas vs Electric Hot Water Heaters

By September 10, 2020No Comments

Have you ever wondered “What type of hot water heater should I install?”. It’s an extremely common and the decision often comes down to between electric and gas hot water units.

In this article we will outline 5 reasons why a continuous gas hot water unit has become a popular option for household hot water requirements. It must also be noted that converting your old gas storage heater to this tiny, space saving, sleek and energy efficient unit is becoming the preferred upgrade.

Here are the 5 points to consider when upgrading your home hot water system.

1. Continuous gas hot water units are cost effective because the hot water is only ever heated when required. Due to their growing popularity these units are also becoming more accessible and affordable.

2. There is an increasing number of add-on features available for continuous gas hot water units, such as controllers which give you the power to adjust the hot water temperatures. You can also install smart start systems with a return line which decreases the cold lag when you open a hot tap. If you want to add a little luxury you can go as far as installing an automatic bath filler.


3. The range of 16L-26L continuous gas hot water systems have a superior 6 star efficiency rating. This means that the system uses less energy during the heating and cooling process.

4. The units are sleek and compact in design, allowing flexibility in regards to installation options. Upgrading from an old gas storage heater is also a relatively simple conversion – all you need is the correct gas supply pipe sizing.

5. These units also come with a 12 year warranty on the heat exchange. This means you will be able to install the unit with confidence knowing that your hot water needs will be met for the foreseeable future.

There are a number of useful resources out there such as online hot water selectors or Reece Plumbing’s in-store hot water heating guides. These resources can help give you an understanding of your hot water heater requirements. Otherwise contact your local Sydney plumber and they will be able to discuss the best options for you.

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