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Lessons from The Apprentice Plumber (T.A.P)

By October 9, 2020No Comments

When North Shore Plumbing Group director Scott Johnson was younger he used to write up a day by day blog about his experience as an apprentice. He did this in an attempt to retain everything he learnt on the job. Almost 10 years on Scott now looks back on the lessons he learned as an apprentice and uses these insights to not only reflect, but to also ensure the he provides the best for all his apprentices and staff.

It’s incredible how far Scott has come since his apprenticeship and he has documented every little thing that has helped get him here. Here are some of the wise words and lessons from Scott’s blog, T.A.P (The Apprentice Plumber).

I’ve been plumbing for 1 year and 6 months now and I believe I’m doing really well for a 2nd year. That’s what I think anyway. Lately it feels like everyday since the start of 2011 it feels like someone has pushed the stress mode button on the subcontractors.

It’s now 2020 and nothing has changed!

I work as fast as I can, I make sure the job is done right and I finish in good time but I’m getting told to go faster. It doesn’t make me enjoy going to work knowing that whatever I do isn’t good enough. It’s a bad way to motivate and teach an employee.

A very valuable lesson about managing people and keeping your employees happy.

I’m no professional (yet) but from my point of view an apprentice should be trained to perfect a quality finish and then focus on speeding things up.

Something which Scott hasn’t changed his mind on and which North Shore Plumbing Group tries to focus on during training.

While the apprentice is learning they are taught quicker ways of carrying out the job, you can’t expect to throw an apprentice into a job and expect them to know every shortcut and skill to get it done, it doesn’t work like that…

These excerpts from the T.A.P blog offer incredible insights into the mind of an apprentice plumber eager to do his best but finding himself undervalued. Scott’s mindset hasn’t changed which is why North Shore Plumbing Group take pride in rewarding staff for their efforts and focus on building an inclusive and supportive company culture.

North Shore Plumbing Group wants to create an environment where all staff feel valued. We believe that our employees are what make us, and happy skilled employees are what will make the brand shine.

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