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Underfloor heating | How to add comfort and luxury to your home

By October 18, 2021No Comments

North Shore Plumbing Group focuses on delivering comfort and luxury to all their projects and we are very fortunate to work on high-end designs with some of the best builders in Sydney.

Winter isn’t the longest season in Sydney but we do find ourselves in the cold long enough to feel that we need to do something about it.

There is one solution which you can’t see, but we guarantee will add another level of comfort to your home – you will feel it rise and fill the room and through the soles of your feet. The installation is called underfloor heating and North Shore Plumbing Group are licensed to install a system called Hydronic Underfloor Heating.

There are a lot of details and measurements which we need to follow to make sure that your home gets a consistent flow of heat. The idea is to split your home into zones so the hydronic system doesn’t exceed a certain length which means we can avoid cold spots in your floor. You can also split the zones to be controlled separately but we recommend having all your rooms controlled at the same temperature.

The warmth is created by a gas or electric boiler which will be installed in a location that meets both the Australian Standards and the Building Code, but you can leave that up to the designer and installer. The running costs are very affordable when you look at how it adds value and comfort to your life and home.

Lastly the heat in the floor is controlled by a thermostat which will turn the boiler off when the floor reaches the preset temperature. The sensor can read the air temperature or there can be a sensor in the floor. We recommend the floor sensor as the air temperature sensor can cause the hydronic system to turn off on a warm winters day and this can cause the floor to lose a lot of heat. Once the floor loses heat it takes longer for the floor to get back up to the desirable temperature and the system will use more energy. Therefore the recommended installation is to leave a sensor in the floor so that the floor retains the designated temperature and you are comfortable throughout the whole season.

As we mentioned before you can’t see the installation but you will feel it every time you walk through your front door. The underfloor heating system is guaranteed to bring comfort and luxury into your life. If the Hydronic underfloor system fits within the budget for your new build or renovation then you must consider installing it!

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