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Do you have issues with stormwater in your home?

By September 21, 2021No Comments

A common problem in Sydney homes is the management of stormwater around the property. These problems present themselves during heavy rainfall and most commonly affect properties that have been built below ground level. If there are any rooms in your house that are acting as a retaining wall then you could experience dampness or flooding in your home.

The worst case scenario is when water finds its way through the wall or up through the floor. This means if your walls aren’t waterproofed and the stormwater isn’t managed well, then your home is at risk.

Unfortunately for some homes this can result in the water flooding inside. This can cause damage to flooring, furniture, storage and other services such as electricity. It is often an extremely expensive repair and it always happens at the worst time… during a storm.

There are ways to prevent this from happening, but for the new stormwater installation to work the wall has to be exposed outside. Dig right down to the concrete footing of the property. A channel will need to be created to direct any water away from the property. You can control the flow of water around the house with the right installations. When concealing all the new plumbing you have to consider what materials you put back in so that the new system is functional over a long period of time.

Here are a couple of products worth installing before the backfill continues;

  • A waterproof membrane needs to be painted on the wall to create a barrier between the wall and the soil.
  • Drain cell sheets which will lie flat on the wall to stop water sitting up against the brickwork, blocks or concrete.
  • Another product is geotech fabric which creates a protective barrier from the soil and the 10-20mm aggregate which will fill up the entire hole. Make sure the aggregate fills up all the space approximately 300mm off the wall which should replace the soil, clay or rock. The aggregate helps the water flow through the ground to the stormwater system at the bottom.

Each property is different but the solutions are often the same. For any renovation or new build it is important that you consider the damages that can be caused by ground water. Stormwater systems for new builds are expensive but they give you the peace of mind during a storm.

If you need help with stormwater management at your home then don’t hesitate to contact North Shore Plumbing Group.

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