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Why wait for hot water?

By February 15, 2023No Comments

As we continue to work on luxury homes around Sydney we have noticed a shift in how plumbing systems are used and installed in order to provide homeowners with everything they need to make them comfortable. One major change we’ve noticed is in relation to hot water and the different options. Do you use gas? Do you use electricity? Solar? Solar gas boosted? Heat pump?

In 2023 we are seeing heat pump hot water systems being the main choice for delivering hot water to the home. The small compact instantaneous gas heater has had its time and now there has been a switch to the more energy efficient unit. Heat pump hot water systems are increasingly used on our projects as the size of the unit doesn’t matter on larger luxury homes.

When installing a larger storage unit you have the opportunity to install a return loop and circulate the hot water so that the cold leg is removed from the hot water service. This means instant hot water. You could be waiting 1-2 seconds for hot water instead of 10-20 seconds. Imagine that!

There are certain ways to install these systems and you should always contact a hot water heater expert or plumber to get advice on the best system for your home. It’s not always possible to choose what you want so make sure you understand your hot water usage requirements and expectations so that we can help install the best system for you.

We love a bit of luxury and we think instantaneous hot water is one of the more luxurious things you could have installed in your home.

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