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Effective Communication and Processes

By December 18, 2020No Comments

Here at North Shore Plumbing Group we value our team and take pride in the projects we complete for our clients. It’s incredible to see the architects and designers’ ideas come to life, adding that next level of luxury to the high-end projects we work on.

Our Business Development Director Scott Johnson believes in building a system of processes and procedures for both our staff and clients so that every project is delivered to a high standard and our team feels safe, comfortable and has confidence during the build.

These processes encourage communication. While the days are busy, noisy, stressful and filled with endless information Scott knows communication is key and it can all be managed.

Each team leader in the company receives a job folder for every project. This folder supports the team leaders with managing the flow of the job and assists in getting each project off the ground. This allows us to complete jobs efficiently whilst offering a consistent and professional service.

When communicating with the contractors on a project it is important to know the right questions to ask so that there are no delays. Our forms act as a guide and points our team in the right direction. The team here at North Shore Plumbing Group are consistently training in these processes so that everyone is always up to date and on the same page. With the support from other trades and businesses it is fantastic to see what everyone can achieve. Putting together a project with a team of qualified professionals is a great responsibility and we thrive on taking these opportunities. Keep an eye out for further updates or feel free to contact us to chat about our services. At North Shore Plumbing Group we work as a team to deliver comfort and luxury to all our projects.

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