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The Toilet

By January 15, 2021No Comments

While many people think of the toilet as a disgusting fixture which removes waste, others are continually trying to come up with new ways to make the space and time spent in the bathroom more luxurious. So is the toilet disgusting or is it our own porcelain throne?

Throughout history the toilet has evolved drastically and we are now seeing intelligent technology being added to these systems. No longer is it enough to remove waste, but how can this be done in the most comfortable and pleasant way?

Modern toilet design has followed the idea that less is more. Water tanks (cisterns) are now hidden in the wall and buttons seamlessly come through the tiles. This is all designed so that bathrooms feel more spacious. The idea of having less surfaces to clean is a huge bonus as well.

Another big change in toilet selections (in Australia) over the last couple of years is the increase in popularity of toilets with automatic bidet toilet seats. These are becoming common and we’ve noticed an increase in the number of clients who are starting to follow the trend. A bidet offers a hygienic and waste free option to clean yourself after you finish your business. Another luxury which often comes with a bidet toilet seat is the function to heat the toilet seat, air dry your bottom and some even offer a self cleaning toilet function which will begin once you leave the room.

While these options are a big jump in cost from your standard toilet suite they are definitely becoming more affordable. Although these systems are luxurious, they are not even the most advanced toilet systems on the market… but that’s a story for another day.

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