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Copper Showers: How to modernise and transform any garden zone

By November 12, 2020September 28th, 2021No Comments

Here in Australia we are so fortunate to have great weather, beautiful beaches and an incredible lifestyle. Our way of living encourages us to be outdoors and because of this we continue to find new ways to enhance our outdoor experiences, in particular in our home spaces.

A popular choice for high-end projects is the addition of outdoor showers. Outdoor showers can be built into the walls, along the side of the house or this could be the perfect opportunity to create a new outdoor feature. The two most popular materials for outdoor showers are stainless steel and copper.

Plumbers work with copper all the time. It is usually used behind the walls and beneath the ground so to have the opportunity to make an outdoor shower with copper is exciting because the finished result is always eye-catching and luxurious. Copper has natural qualities which make it ideal for plumbing. Copper is great because it is difficult for bacteria to grow inside of it, it is also an extremely durable product resisting corrosion as well as not being affected by ultraviolet rays. Perfect for outdoors!

North Shore Plumbing Group has installed a number of copper outdoor showers for our clients and we believe that it adds value to your home. The sight of an outdoor shower can trigger a feeling of relaxation, luxury and comfort. An emotion that is normally reserved for when we are on holidays. Why not bring those feelings and inject them into your home so you can treat every day as an escape.


There are a number of prefabricated copper showers that just require water connections. The designs are clean and you have more choice which makes it easier to match the theme of your property. Some brands include Brooklyn Copper and Robert Plumb. North Shore Plumbing Group had the opportunity to install a Robert Plumb copper shower and what a beautiful piece that was.

Having the opportunity to deliver luxury to homes using beautiful products is exactly why North Shore Plumbing Group enjoys being involved in the construction industry. Feel free to email us your best outdoor shower design! We would love to see it.


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