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Adding luxury in the kitchen with the Zip HydroTap: 3 things to consider

By August 20, 2021August 24th, 2021No Comments

Image source: Zip HydroTap

The elegance of the Zip HydroTap will grab the attention of any guest in your home. If you’ve designed a kitchen with both living and entertainment in mind, then don’t think twice about adding this luxury item to your space.

The Zip HydroTap enables you to enjoy water at its best – perfectly chilled, beautifully boiled and uniquely sparkled. It adds comfort and reliability for those working from home and will continue to surprise and delight when organising gatherings.

Things to consider when adding the Zip HydroTap to your Kitchen.

1. The Zip unit will need space.

In a few designs we have noticed there have been no allowances for the storage of the Zip unit. The unit stores boiling water, filters and the equipment to chill water so there should be no surprise that the unit under the bench will take up a bit of space. While the tap is pretty flexible, when it comes to installation you need to consider space for the unit underneath.

2. Colours to suit your style.

The range of colours available makes this tapware suitable for almost any kitchen design. It can blend in seemlessly with the other features or it can stand out as a feature piece to attract all the attention it deserves.

3. Filtration at its best.

Eliminate or reduce the amount of filtered bottle water you use around your home. The Zip HydroTap delivers the highest quality drinking water straight from your tap meaning you’re able to increase your water consumption while reducing the amount of plastic waste. Convenience, luxury and sustainability are some of the major benefits that come from this unit.

If you are considering installing a Zip HyrdoTap for your chilled, boiling or sparkling water needs but would like advice to see if your kitchen suits the installation then contact North Shore Plumbing Group.

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